New Skin Artemis: Harlequinn

This one is pretty obvious in the way she has pigtails going on and the color scheme is easily changed to whatever style. The most popular ones being black/red.

I would also suggest a change to her primary skill. Id give it some form of elemental damage. Basic damage is good, but it gives an extra oomf when doing it. Unless her gold skill will work with it, then never mind.

I do want to edit an image of Artemis when i have a chance to get that color scheme going.

Harlequin is one if my favorite DC characters… but that just sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen for the Devs :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but there are different variations of the character. And it’s a color pattern you see at fairs and stuff. If not those colors I can always struggle with like purple/gold or green/blue. The possibilities are limited. And my work in progress. I’ll finish later

The finished look

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they should not just bring out some skins and have some skins for some players and some skins for not they should have skins for every hero not cool every hero should have skins

I’m gonna guess and say little by little, they will release a skin for some heroes.

yea, it looks like they’re slowly releasing skins for more and more heroes.

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