Artemis - New Skin Found

I’ve found this photo on Pinterest and looking closely, this style of drawing is similar to how HH presents their new heroes. Also, the symbol on her hood is also the same as Artemis in HH. Anyone seeing any other skins that look like this?


Nice skin for Artemis…will be good addition

There’s a lot of concept art from where this picture is published:

Oh, thanks mate! I really do hope that HH artworks are showing up soon!

I also did give it a good look, and this is what I have found which is just itching my brain:

Would this be an upcoming hero or is it just a draft?

Fun fact, this is the original design for Bucket, but was way too ambitious to get done. I still really like this design though. The codename for her was Lobster Girl.


Looks like a really cool update for Callidus

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. This is concept art. A lot of what you see is early development, and a lot of changes get made (some designs get outright scrapped) so don’t count on anything you see here as “confirmation” of anything.

  2. Assuming anybody with a bow is Artemis is also a bit of a jump! Maybe this Hero has a bow. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they never made it to the game. Maybe they’re already in the game, in a very different form! Again, don’t jump to conclusions. Feel free to speculate if you like, but avoid taking concept art as confirmation of anything.


I still hope for one i edited. Black and red colors HH_Artemis_HQ


Wow never noticed stuff like Ghoul’s dog photo and tomato bombs and HIve’s jackal symbol.

Also those robot crawler trailer enemies look cool

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