New Skin Type Suggestion: EPIC Skin

hi everyone and to devs.

I have another suggestion. I see that we have 3 types of skin: common, rare and legendary.

I’d like to suggest that how about we add another type of skin, which is an EPIC skin.
So, what’s with this skin? We all know that: Common Skin changes color, Rare skin changes some parts of the hero (but nowadays some skin has only chnaged the color), and the legendary skin which changes whole hero skin and a change to the skill.
This EPIC Skin is almost like the combination of 3 types of skin, but except this doesn’t change the skill but instead it adds another skill (passive skill).

Epic skins (as for now)

Lightdawn - warriors blessed with light and glory
Darkcry - fallen heroes consumed by darkness
??? - ??? (maybe?)

Here are the skin samples i just made: (as for now)

  • Cinder

  • Fortress

  • Galante

  • Gammond

  • Hardscope

  • Pris

Here’s the twist. These skins can only be found in the Epic Store

and can only be bought using

Epic Coins

Now, the question, where can we get the Epic Coins?

Every week, there is a single cube called

Epic Cube that you should destroy it which it can be found anywhere in the maps (missions, hard, pvp, etc.).

This cube changes location every week. In order for you to find out where this cube is located, you have to open this Epic Hint Crate once for everyday.

Opening it will receive a single hint, but, of course, you might receive duplicate hints which will be exchanged into bucks (or anything, not sure)
There are 10 hints, and you will only open 7 hints. The unopened hints will be left as blank of course.
(Sample hints can be found below the thread)

Once you solved the hints, look for the Cube and destroy it. Each cube gives you 2 coins. and every skin is costs by 15 coins (or 20, i don’t know).

Getting Epic skin might be hard to get but its because the skin can absolutely gain advantage of the game. That’s why you need Luck, Teamwork (if you want), Analysis and Patience and to get this OP skin. It’s not an ordinary skin like Rare, or Legendary.


  • Hint Sample
  • Hint 1: Flag of people’s Guard*(Symbols found in the area)*
  • Hint 2: Dozen (district number)
  • Hint 3: Platinum Grenade (one of the rewards)
  • Hint 4: lvl 84, 9 star, platinum 1- caine*(one of the enemies will be facing)*
  • Hint 5: They claim to offer protection…(District info)
  • Hint 6: Use Bucket (Suggested hero to use to find the cube)
  • Hint 7: The Club (name of the district)
  • Hint 8: Rearline (Rearline, Midline, Frontline)
  • Hint 9: Front of you [position of the cube (front, left, right, behind, etc.]
  • Hint 10: Normal [Mission(Normal/Hard), PVP(Sewage, etc.),Gauntlet(1-5), Raid(Blue, Orange, Green)]

@Skathi @Muninn @LordNikon

Thanks Master @Mooman2069 for all the help!


@JDoubleG Check out my succubus skin
@OfficialGodlante Take a look at this!! :slight_smile:

Wow Neo nice work mate. Alot of effort put in there buddy!

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Creative idea, and extremely complex! Well done.

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Wow she’s dark and scary looking. :open_mouth:

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hahaha… Just an Idea and thanks Munnin Sensei. but it would be cool to have this, it will make some encouragement to the players to get this skins that can make a difference between my team and your team for instance…
and also not just luck and skill of course of getting the skin…

hahaahah… Thats what that skin is supposed to be… Scary…

Amazing idea
Now deves must think

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Wow… These ideas are worth applauding … really cool

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@Zulfiqar_Ali Thanks buddy… i hope this helps them…

Thanks @ADX_Alghefeili add and you paste your skin idea here too… hheheeh

Woah, this is impressive, nicely done man! If anything, those skins would be neat as regular Legendaries.

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Thanks @Vintermyst … but i prefer them as Epic cause if this happens, its good to see a squad of this skins fighting… Imagine, your team is composed of Epic Light Skins vs your enemy’s Epic Dark Skins… hahahha

Dude those skins should be added to game they are incredible well done neo :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This is fantastic!!!

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Really cool! It would take a ton of work to hide the boxes all over the place. The Scavenger hunts take a ton of work to get done, and that is like 3 times a year, this is weekly!
All in all, the skin ideas are pretty slick though! I like the idea of a couple new element types!

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These… Actually look really good and cool!!
New passive skills are a great idea, although if the gold or platinum skills were edited it would be awesome as well. Nicely done! And a weekly mini scavenger hunt is a neat addition to the game, especially to higher tier players, but 400 gold for a crate…?


Hands down 1 of the best if not the best thought out and done up ideas yet amazing job


Thanks @Resa_R_Bakir_Bakir i hope they will add this too. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Raz hehehehehe much appreciated