New update bug?

Anyone else having troubles signing onto the game after this new update?

No, unless the servers are down. which they were about an hour ago or so. Otherwise, servers up, game up.

No. In london uk. The game stays stuck to the obrez picture.

Hmm. not sure. At the time I am posting this I am playing in game. Try again.

They are back up - go check the November obrez thread skathi gave an update

Have done the update. Still not working.

Like I said on the Obrez update post, we’ve been having some server and connection issues. We believe we should be back on now, but we’re continuing to monitor the situation. Please be patient!

Game is working for me now just after you posted this in forums… I don’t know how to say you thanks a lot for posting this.

Still having troubles myself I can load into the game now , but when I try to play pvp or coop raids , etc it just loads and then says lost internet connection :man_facepalming:

I though they would send gold or gilded coins to our inbox but nothing :frowning:

with this problem I spent my worksheet … will I be reimbursed?

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