Best Magistrates are?

I liked hearing everyone’s response last time. I am keeping it open ended because I thought it provided better responses last time. Share your wisdom with the community!

Phantasma. Clyde. Dogface and obrez for damage. Min awesome for support. Brogan is a good booster!

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Galante. Alcatraz is great for bounty. Only real dud for the magistrates are Salvatore and gammond, though I suppose Salvatore could be good for bounty.

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Alcatraz for bountys

Alcatraz and no one else.

If there has to be one, Min is probably the top; very underrated support hero and hard to pin down when she’s low.

Ayo what about my boy Hardscope?

Well magistrate are my favorite fraction of hero’s, all are well balanced I have five of them ruby. Gammond, slavodaor, brogan, min,and hard scope , all magistrate will do well either they great at damage or heavyweight boosters

Obrez ! I have her at Ruby+2! With her new skin at level 6, she doesn’t just crush enemies, she obliterates them!

@CptLappo Where does most of Alcatraz’s damage come from?

In terms of bounty Clyde, Dog, Obrez, Hardscope, and Alcatraz are all great. Alcatraz is probably the best but I do 17mil apiece per bounty with Clyde and Dog.

Brogan and Min are less than average at bounty but have great survivability in pvp for themselves and others so they’re probably the best two for pvp unless you are new to the game and dog is your silver/gold/low plat dps.

Gammond, Godlante, and Salv I find worthless all around.

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