New video: Mauler is BROKEN - hero review

Hey everyone! Thanks to the amazing support of the Hero Hunters community, my channel is up to 100 Subscribers. I’m glad to hear the feedback that the content is helpful and happy to keep making more.

Next video will be about the update and which heroes are better or worse, and other changes.

For now, check out the video about Mauler!

Click here to see the Mauler is BROKEN video


Mauler is far from broken. In fact he’s the weak link in the whole team. Kill him first and the rest of the team has no synergy. Clearly you consider the meta OP. Why then are you spoon feeding it to the masses?


why u do this man??? he was a hidden gem. The fireworks is enough to disrupt the enemy when paired with halo

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The whole team has a weak link kill 1 hero and you’re dead, I can use it my self and play against it without any problems

Mauler is fine as is. Hes a solid counter to the panzer/dog meta stuff. We need him to balance it out.

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I use Mauler, Ifrit, Halo, Calidus and either (Nightingale, Flatline, or Min) This combo has a pretty efficient play style… I didn’t watch the vid since I’m currently at work… anyways the key is to get ifrit’s showtime to go off and watch the fun… calidus is especially good at tanking the first few second due to her Plat skill having Taunt and extra heals while above 50% of health.

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His stuns are pretty ridiculous - but it is a high-risk choice. Just like other teams built around a DPS (Panzer, Odachi) and 4 healers, there is the risk the DPS is taken out first and you may be out of luck. I say in the video that the team doesn’t always win, but it’s fun to play. It’s not my first choice of team. I don’t recommend people use this team for longevity. At the very least, it allows for something different than the usual - otherwise it can get boring using the same team all the time. Good news is that the update made a lot of heroes more viable now too.

CC @Kraterios

And I agree we do need him @scape211 - I don’t want them to adjust him.

Sorry for letting the secret out! I feel like every time someone plays against it, they want to now go upgrade him.

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I think the title should be ia mauler is a great counter to Panzer and dogfaces not MAULER IS OP that’s just asking for a nerf.


Fair enough @Hugekrakwn176852 ! (Although that doesn’t have the same ring to it, I hear what you’re saying.)

click (cough) bait (cough)

Cool video @MuthaSuckaz keep up the awesome work!

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halo, ifrit, mauler = whole team shit storm . that was my secret


I’ve played against high level Mauler teams with the meta team and it’s pretty brutal. He can just stun lock indefinitely with a little luck.

When you only have one real DPS on your team (Panzer or Dog), and they can’t do any DPS because they are stunned 75-85% of the match, it makes things rough. Mauler is also bio so he does bonus damage to said DPS heroes.


He is great against Panzer - although since update, Odachi might be a better choice if he’s powered up enough!