New Wesson Lore

New Colonel Wesson lore on discord.

Get it while it’s hot and relevant.

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feel like there should be more to this post than what is written. cause this just seems like another discord ad to join.

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What more is there to say? Also we are trying to get members on the discord to foster a better community.

As someone who doesn’t want to have discord in his phone, I feel a bit left out at the moment T.T

I’ll check it tomorrow

well if the main thing is to get more people to join the discord, how about something saying to join the server to talk about Wesson among other things. we already have a post here talking about Wesson and a post(+) talking about joining the discord server.

just my 2 cents

and if not everyone has/wants to get a discord to discuss the new hero, we still have the other posts about Wesson

I mean like Howie specifically said that we get early access to this lore before facebook does so…

As usual with discord i have no idea how to / where to find the content I’m looking for. I clicked your link, I’m in the general chat. Now what?

The devs are usually on from 9am-4pm PST. Usually you’re able to get info and news from there… sometimes they feel generous and release lore and snippets of info early.

But it’s not structured and stored as in a forum somewhere? It’s just a chatroom? People talking now in the General chat about body weight. Makes me wonder what the discussion in Off Topic is about but neh, I’m my discord career ends here.
I used the search function and searched for both “loyalty” snd “wesson” with no results.


I’ve tried Discord, disliked it and deleted it. Is there another way to get the lore?

@Bruticus1 you can tune into official facebook page to get lores of new characters soon.
lores are shown in discord early.

Good to know. Thank you!