Reduced healing over time Changes

My biggest gripe with this touching already weak skills and making them more useless, Orochis Blood pact was decent but not game breaking at all but now its borderline useless, Same goes for Hecklers Platinum skill. I feel like then just went tot he data base and typed in “Heal over time HOT” And reduced all parameters evenly… the overall update is great but i’m just flabbergast on why even touch these skills that really had no merit to begin with, unless somebody here has an explanation? … and as for Panzer 85% is like 2 secs to 100%

My understanding, based on what the devs have said about this update’s purpose, is that they are moving toward giving heroes more specialized roles. Someone like Odachi is obviously a damage-dealer, so they’re focusing his role into that dps slot while also making it so he needs a more dedicated healer to keep him alive rather than letting him keep himself alive independently. It’s to promote team strength and synergy rather than individual hero strength.

As far as Panzer goes, I think it was an awesome change. Two seconds may sound short, but the key factor here is that two seconds into a match, she’s MUCH less likely to connect Breach&Clear on someone with full HP, which really limits the damage it can do in almost all cases. It was a very fair and reasonable change in my opinion.