No Movies Available - Unavailable While Offline

Well, gotta write ya about the latest problems Got the update, but I can’t either connect or stay connected because of an error: Unavailable Offline. This is on of my equipment. Can’t get my movies because of another error: Movies Unavailable. This software needs better coding, so I am off.So tired of errors when I want to play. Audi with a pouty.


Same here💔, thought twas only happening to me

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Servers been down for a while this am

the same. i can not connect to the game

Same here :slightly_frowning_face: bht why

Same here. 1st tried to log on 4 hours ago and still the same issue.
No pvp, no war, no raid :frowning:

I’m still trying to login

  • can’t do any patrols
  • can’t see the war
  • can’t collect on any patrols
  • can’t invite for coops both pvp and pve

Hope they sort this out before reset.

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Skathi answered about this…

In the Obrez update thread…

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Well, whatever was going on is now over. sever is back up and life returns to normal.


Thanks for the update

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