Super Hero Crate Schedule

Do you guys know the pattern of the super hero crate offer? I can remember first seeing it in April and at the end of May, then never again until today.

Is it safe to say that the super hero crate is not an end of the month thing and purely random?

(Asking for gold saving purposes. I have been hoarding gold for the super hero crate. But last night I bought 2 x 10xhero crate then poof! Super hero crate today. I’m all out haha)

Nope, they keep this stuff a secret. Best thing to do is just save gold until you get it.

=( Sadddd so safe to say, it’s random? Hahaha

I was swimming in gold in the last two months and never saw a super hero crate. =0

I wouldnt exactly say random, but they arent willing to release the schedule for it to the public and we dont have enough data points to pinpoint the next one.

The devs have said in chat that the super hero crate is on no set schedule and is in fact random. They said they add it whenever they feel like it.

Before this summer we could see super hero crates every second bounty hunt

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