Not very active in war & bounty

Looking for an alliance who scores Ruby crate in patrols!
Here’s my roster & ign is same as you are reading my name here.

If you find an alliance do inform me too. I’m also looking for an alliance who can reach ruby crate

You don’t really need anything in that ruby crate once you have ruby heros. The missions you have to qw everyday gives you those parts also so not a big deal.

Is it even possible to get 4m in patrols?

Most alliances I’ve been in, get to plat+3/907k and thats maxing out 100 patrols a day!

I think it will be possible with some condition (cmiiw)…

U have to get those maximum points patrol, with 26k points above per patrol, for each day for all 100 patrols/day… Usually this patrol last for 6 hours, so to get that 100 patrols limit per day, u should rush, and then find another 26k again…

So if u don’t get that 26k points patrol, keep rerolling until u got one and then take it… All of ur alliance members have to do the same, each of them…

So, 100 patrols/day and at least 26k/patrol…

(i guess if u constantly doing this and there’s a vip lvl more than 15, u will get vip 200, maybe more, by just doing patrol)


Update: just finished checking the Patrol crates, u can unlocked the ruby+6 patrol crates if u reach 11,869,981 points (probably not the correct amount, get that 11M after we got plat+3 crates) …
By doing the condition above, u’ll get 26000 points X 100 patrols X 7 days = 18,200,000 points…

It will be enough to get the Ruby+6.5 patrol crates… There’s nothing wrong to start practicing from now… :laughing:


Oh, and i think u could consider to edit ur title, perhaps?

The discussion include how to get ruby patrol crate, too…

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I appreciate it… Title is totally correct, can you tell me the name of that alliance? I’m going to download this game again then, i’ll apply for that alliance, i hope they will accept it.

Nahhh don’t comeback

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