About patrols

Hi guys. Quick question. And probably some people asked this question before. So in the alliance Delta Force that I’m currently in we do all the patrols every day. 100/100. All the time. And we only reach platinum plus 2. How can we reach ruby plus 6 ? Because there are no patrols to be made.


I think it’s about getting the best patrols and resetting super quickly, if i’m not mistaken higher level alliances should get better patrols right? Even slightly?


Yes but spending 25 gold for 1 reset is something not many people do so the level of discipline in an alliance that only make the patrols over 10.000 is seems getting ruby plus 6 made on purpose for not to be reached. If 25 players do patrols over 10k every day for 6 days we can get the number needed to reach ruby plus 6.
So ruby + 6 was made for top 10 alliance’s that can invest the time of picking the right and higher patrols ??

I did the math and it is currently impossible, I presume an update will come soon that will make it possible either by removing/ increasing the daily limit or by inflating average reward patrol points. To reach the maximum ruby tier you require 20m points which is around 29k required for every patrol based on the 700 a week we currently get, there was a large discussion about this on the community discord not long ago. To reach the base ruby patrol crate you need every patrol to be 11.5k and you can’t do a single below that. This is currently inconceivable as I am in an alliance near the top of the game (45m+) and our average patrol is around 3-6k. This means that even with rushing it is literally impossible within spending tons of gold re-rolling the patrols in order to find the perfect one every time. Not to mention if the time limit allows said patrols to be completed as the large 20k+ patrols are often 6 hours to complete.


It does look like that 100 patrol cap needs to be removed, I don’t see the point of it anyway.


I second it. The limit should be removed or the targets lowered.