Alliance Patrols. (can it be done?)

First lets enumerate the normal challenges faced:

  1. The Daily Alliance patrol limit to 100.
  2. The low patrol points.
  3. Gold is needed for re-roll.
    4.The extremely high points that is needed for the next tier.
  4. Hero’s can only be used for patrol once a day.
  5. VIP for more slots

The main problem here is the #1. You are already limited on using a hero once per day, isn’t that enough of a limit?.

but they have to add restrictions after restrictions after restrictions. (that is not an exaggeration)
It’s like saying we don’t want you to finish these events…

typical replies of players would be:
-Then just quit the game
-No one is forcing you to play event
-I’m free to play.
-others, that are unrelated to my point


I’m not sure that it is possible. It takes 1 million points to open the platinum chest and you get 7 days. 145,000 points per day, and only 100 patrols. My math might be wrong, but still your point stands. It would stand to reason that the patrol mechanic will be overhauled soon.
To be clear, I’m fond of the mechanic and find it to be an improvement to the way alliances work in general, but some tweaking is in order.


I was just gonna create EXACTLY this thread.
Patrols can be great but they need to re-work the score and rewards if we’re gonna keep interested in doing them.
We have completed all available Patrols, the chest will open in 7 hours and we’re still half a million score away from Platinum. Could maybe, possibility, be done by re-rolling a lot but would it be worth it? I mean why spend hundreds of Gold for slightly better rewards?

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The limitations are crazy in my opinion lol. (I just want to explain it to make it clear to everyone)

-If your not atleast VIP 1 you can’t deploy more. (I think everyone should be allowed to deploy 3 of their men since it seems the standard for the game).

-But then there’s another limitation, you can only use a character once per day (this limitation we can understand. And this is a logical limit.)

-But then another limit is added, you can only do 100 quest per day. (you are already limited on using a character once per day that should be enough if you think about it.) or just limit the points a person can contribute per day (but still thats over-killing it still)

-and since weak and non-vip players can only deploy 1 character, they have to take low reward missions (which would affect your road to Gold/Platinum Chest)

this is a constructive feedback and not a hate comment. I just want to show them some areas where it can be improved.

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Was going to post this after the crate unlock - basically my alliance calculated 1 million points for the plat crate divide by 5 days x 100 patrols = average of 2,000 per patrol to make it.

Of course, many of the patrols are too low value, so we’re still something like 400,000 point away from it. Maybe the intention is to get us to reroll and spend gold, but for what? and extra 10x universal frags and a plat fuel cell? Don’t think it’s worth it.

Once next patch hits, level 75 may be a thing and VIP 0 should be able to deploy up to 3 heroes.

I personally think the current deploy numbers are fine. I think reducing the second hero from level 40 could be good, but I don’t remember how long it takes to level up to 40, so it may be unnecesary. And low level players may struggle more reaching required power without using their main heroes, than not being able to deploy a 2nd or 3rd hero, I think.

For example in my alliance there is currently a mission that requires 3500 power with 1 energy hero. A friend of mine, level 51, has not a single hero that can do that mission.

But yeah, I agree that limiting the patrols to 100 a day makes any other limit useless. In my guild we end ignoring patrols because they award low points. I think we should be rewarded for clearing every patrol, not punished for clearing low score ones. If you clear one 90 score patrol, thats one 1.000 patrol you wont be able to do.

Thats the only change I would personally do, doubling the patrol limit, or even getting rid of it. But I’m talking from my own experience. Maybe it needs more tweaking to be a more engaging event for alliances that are not as active as mine.

Well, patrol is another way for us to spend our gold. If you do it wisely to achieve gold crate is possible. But to hit plat crate the gold spent for rerolls is not worth it.

Hitting the gold crate can be done without too much trouble if you ignore low point bounties and let them expire at refresh. Alliance leaders should post a message to their members making sure they know to ignore those that are less than 1,000 points to have a shot. I don’t think Platinum can be done without spending a healthy amount of gold on re-rolls.

And I’m OK with that. I’m in a strong alliance and we have some spenders but even then I’m not sure we’ll ever hit Platinum. HHG needs to create avenues where people buy and spend gold (this is a business after all, they need to make money if they are going to continue developing content and maintaining a game that we all clearly enjoy) and as far as ways to do this, this is pretty benign. The rewards bump from Gold to Plat isn’t worth all the gold it takes and it definitely isn’t enough to give the whales a huge advantage over everyone else. Below Platinum, it’s another cool free-to-play way to earn loot - let’s be happy with that!

As you just said, the reward jump is not worth the healthy amount of gold it would take, which means, barely any alliance will spend gold to re-roll, and since there is a limit of 100 patrols, nobody will be rushing, either.

The way the crates work currently means there will barely be any gold spent in this mode, in my

Im okay with not reaching platinum, to be honest, but a system with so many limitations limits itself. There is no point in rushing. And you may even get gold crate without re-rolls, if you are lucky with the patrols, and you know which ones you should skip. If you can truly get gold crate without re-rolls (I dont really know, Im just wild guessing here), there is almost no point to spending gold.

yeap, getting the Gold crate can be easy. Just be active enough.
But damn, they could atleast chill on the restrictions haha. I know they want our money. They could atleast you know make it a little less noticeable. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I think you’d be surprised at the amount of gold that gets spent on, well, basically anything and everything in high power alliances. Just because it’s not a good idea doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of people with money to burn who’ll do it anyway.

I’m always shocked by the number of VIP 10+ players I see. It takes what, $150 to hit VIP 10? I’m not sure I’ve ever spent that much money cumulatively for every mobile game I’ve ever played. And VIP 13+, now you are into quadruple digits, just insane amount of money. Spending a little extra on gold for re-rolls would be but a drop in the bucket.

For the record, I’m not bad-mouthing people who spend like crazy in this or any other game. Successful mobile games need the whales to keep the game profitable and allow the devs to keep cranking out new content. Ultimately, it benefits everyone, especially those who are strictly free-to-play.

I wouldn’t say that a VIP 13 player is a whale. A whale is the kind of guy who should be on VIP level 250 if they existed.
I’ve been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest, I’ve seen them whales do their thing. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars weekly.

Best whale I ever saw was a guy who installed the game, joined my alliance and spend approx 9000 dollars to get a nice boost in the beginning of his Marvel Puzzle Quest career.

I guess by your definition I am a whale at VIP 11 and I’m not even 2 months in to the game yet. Yet I wouldn’t spend a single gold bar on re-rolling patrol missions which gives me no fun in return.

Oh yeah, as a VIP0 I love those guys, since they allow me to play for free. But Im just talking about my own experience with the crates.

On the first crate, my guild did a total of… 30-40 rushes (I dont really remember). And half of them were done on the first day. Once they noticed there is a daily limit, those numbers went down. And I agree that a VIP 15 may have no problems wasting money. But VIPs 1-10 may need a bit incentive to do so, and I think there isn’t any, currently.

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I definitely don’t mean to paint a one-size-fits-all picture. Clearly not everyone that is a high VIP level is going to spend on something like this. More to say that for everyone that does spend a good amount and shows restraint, there is is likely somebody else that is OK with pulling the trigger. And it’s really not even the linear thought train of “I want to reroll…but I don’t have 25 gold…so I’ll now buy a $10 chest”. There are lots of folks who’ll have a few hundred gold sitting around and will figure “what the heck” and burn some on a re-roll. They have the resources now and aren’t spending cash so it’s not really a pain point. But gold spent now is gold you won’t have later. And when a special hero crate rolls around that you really want and you are just a little short on gold…that’s when you might figure dropping $5 or $10 is worth it.

Point taken though, “whale” is a relative term. You VIP 10+ guys all look like whales to me! But clearly some are bigger fish than others!

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How did you all do this second Patrols run?
We got to Gold again, 300k points away from Platinum. While the chore and the effort is minimal and I am happy for whatever fragments I can get I still feel that the rewards from Patrols are kinda… Low?

Oh, it can be done alright. We just got our 1st platinum crate :slight_smile:
And me and my commander is vip0.


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