Nyx - Update 6.8

New Hero: Nyx

:sparkles: Skins:

Common: Verdant
Rare: Night Recon

:new: Mythic Skin for Stygia: Clockwork

Dear Hunters,

There are some things that you have been waiting on for quite a while. Most of you are aware that not everything can come all at once and at the same pace. Today is the day one (or more) of these things comes. We are very excited to announce…

That’s right! Extreme District 9 is here and awaits the boldest Hunters who are willing to take on the challenge!

There have also been some adjustments to previous Extreme missions. More on that from our lovely Design team:

Hey, fellow Hunters!

We just wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to all the amazing players
out there who were able to reach such high levels on Extreme prior to the
upcoming difficulty tweaks. We are truly amazed by your skill and dedication!
With the recent updates and changes that the game has undergone, we noticed
that some earlier extreme districts had become significantly more challenging
than previously intended. As such we needed to adjust their
difficulty to keep the difficulty progression intact.

But do not fray, we obviously didn’t stop there: we’re excited to
announce the introduction of the next Extreme District, that will provide new
challenges for even the most skilled players. This new extreme district not
only provides new challenges but adds something that we suspect you will be
happy to see in the rewards of the new last extreme mission. All in all, we
adjusted the difficulty curve to fit the natural progression and added a new
challenge for the most powerful hunters.

Thanks for being a part of our community, and happy gaming!

Best Wishes:

-Sami, Game Designer

:sparkles: Featured Factions:

UAF and Rangers
Faction_UAF Faction_Rangers

:sparkles: Events:

  • Blitz events
  • Bounties
  • PvP Tournaments
  • New PVP Season
  • Co-op Raids
  • Alliance Wars
  • Ethereal Raid
  • Extreme Raid

:sparkles: Hero changes:

:muscle: Buffed heroes: Obrez, Scum, Valkyrie :point_right: Hero Buffs - 6.8 - Patch Notes - Official Hero Hunters Community

:sparkles: Misc and Fixes:

  • Skin level unlock condition decreased to 25;
  • Fixed Kobold’s Bronze Skill duration description where it showed a wrong duration value;
  • Fixed Ronin’s Riposte shield duration description where it showed a wrong duration value;
  • Fixed Halo’s Bronze Skill duration description where it showed a wrong duration value;
  • The skill description of Stygia’s Bronze Skill has been adjusted accordingly to reflect the actual behavior of the skill;

P.S. Be on the lookout for some map related surprises in Alliance War too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Newwwwww mappp??? :eyes:

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Hmmmmm, you’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

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So are we gonna talk about how DECA casually drops an extreme district we haven’t had in years without any hyping up?
Or that extreme is now not the most horrific luck based gamemode anymore? And it’s gonna be fun for the ruby peeps?

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To be honest. I never expected this update to ever happen. But what goes to show is that DECA 100% listens to us, because we’ve been asking this for a long time even with HHG and DECA just made it true. The buffs are marvelous as well. Scum is finally getting the love he needs. After some testing i came to these conclusions.
• Scum is now much faster, fast enough to be on par with the new structure of pvp, and his stats have been boosted to the notch where they’re not overpowered but they simply now do their job perfectly. He is really fun and viable in pvp now and in campaigns he excels at group DPS which is very neat for nearly all districts before 14.
• Obrez is now finally a shieldbreaker with her bronze. Her abilities are more relevant to her, which was what really lacked with her beforehand. The damage boost is also neat, she is really powerful now.
• Valk is not a single missed tap away from losing all her dps. While it was a neat mechanic i believe she is better off with the controlled burst. At plat she does very decent damage and is still a very strong dps and also a versatile dps with her synergies. I feel like i can more frequently deal CC and also actually kill enemies during that. At ruby, while i have not tested it yet it seems she will deal super good damage. My rough guess is that without element she can reach 100K per shot at ruby somewhere.

New hero seems complicated in a way. I only got her 140 frags so not experienced with it. But it seems fun that you can adapt your approach when the rounds switch, it’d be a fast paced quick thinking damage dealer. I have yet to see what the bronze does for Fiber but it looks promising!

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Can we get a Min buff considering Nyx can do her bronze literally but better?


How about updated war brackets? You have the top bracket at 25M when top alliances are over 100M.

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Min’s pretty strong as is now, especially with a mythic. But I agree that she should be stronger, perhaps a faster gold regen and some major plat buffs. Ofc some standard stat increase would be really nice too.

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Also, what does skin level unlock condition mean?

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Heeey! The team is aware of this too and it’s being looked into, hopefully, it could happen sooner or later. Thanks for sharing! :blush:

It means that the team/hero level on which skins can be equipped has been reduced from 40 to 25. :v:


Does the option come earlier as well? Like when you get the butter skin?

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A) thanks for changing 7-10 extreme. it was impossible!
So now i have beat everything with 3 stars :smiley:
As for 9-10 extreme - was happy to see Valkyrie frags as a prize!!!
I was only a couple frags away to have her at 9 star and now that i beat 9-10, she is 9 star!
But 1080 frags needed to get her to 10 star. at 3 frags per day, it will take a year!
ok, i thought. i’ll grind away.
but when i went to quick-win 9-10 extreme for the maximum 3x today, i only got a Valkyrie frag 1 out of the 3 times!
What gives?
Up until now, the hero frag on any mission was always an 100% drop rate.
If it’s only ~33.3% for 9-10 extreme…it would take 3 years to get my Valkyrie up to 10 star.
Was this a glitch, or was this drop rate on purpose?

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Good news is that you may also end up getting Valk frags in other ways, like from a crate or such, so the day she gets 10* comes closer and closer. Wish it was more than just one mission though

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I will confirm this. Yes it happens at that level since i just got it on a level 39 account instead of 40

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7-10 wasn’t exactly impossible. But it was extremely annoying, tedious and hard

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Never let them know your next move


Hey there! All fragment rewards from Extreme District 3 and above have always had a very high chance to drop but it has never been 100%, the one in District 9 is the same.

thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
i guess i never realized the drop rates were different after Extreme District 3.