Tapjoy is a joke

So now we getting a quest every day to complete a tapjoy offer
How can we do that since I have done some offers but they just dont pay out
I do exactly what is asked and after a couple days I send a ticket but dont get a response the only thing they do is remove your offer
I have been waiting for 3 weeks now to get a response on my ticket but still nothing
Anything I can do now or did I just wasted my time to complete the offer

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You can play the tapjoy offers
I cant even play it
It says restricted in my area.lol

i 100% agree i did so many of them and got nothing and i did read the instructions of each one the only ones i managed to get was the download and run others like quiz just waste of time

in 7.3 years you will have enough gold from this pos quest to make a 10 pull happy hunting

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I think you cant do it with the quest vecause they dont pay out so how would you get it ij 7.3 years if they dont pay out

What are you trying to provide a point too?

They are set up to basically introduced a new game which if you want to complete the offer either spend 24/7 on it or purchase the starter pack and reach the goals. If you take the price of a starter pack , normal $4.99, and compare it to buying gold packs the offers come out to be cheaper in the long run. This is just my opinion😎

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Just look for the easy ones where you have to watch a video or read something a click an ad. You can get the 1-2 gold for the Tapjoy offer, then the 1 gold for the daily quest. Or skip it all together if you want, it’s not a substantial amount of gold.