Officially done with Hero Hunters

It was really good 450+ day’s on this game. I never missed a day and done the daily quest’s everyday, contributed in all events and …
I enjoyed playing it over this time and I really appreciate the work and effort that developers put into this game. But today I uninstalled Hero Hunters for good.

main issue that I had with this game that started recently (2-3months) was getting disconnected from servers, not entering the match or while playing online matches such as PvP, Co-op and Bounty even tho I have a high-end phone and perfect internet connection (both mobile data and modem) and it really frustrated me over and over until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Yeah the co-op raids and PvP events were not fun anymore, PvP not because of the connection issues but the meta and teams that you face is almost the same and I didn’t have fun while playing it.
Then today comes and I see Bounty is getting started, while having a lot of things going on in real life and considering the time that I have to put in Bounty, I just smiled and said: "Yup I’m literally done with this game"

And today that I’m leaving, these are the resources that had in the game:
74 of 77 hero’s: missing Prophet, Commando, Xianiju.
7.560 Gold
67M Bucks
98K Heronium gems
23K alliance gems
14K skin gems
13K PvP gems
15K Gauntlet gems.

Wish all the best for hero hunters players and developers, I know I’ll miss this game, Best of luck to everyone.


Good luck. I Think you need to go to an alliance which is relaxed! Pvp is good, bounty poop.

Sorry to see you go Ahora, best of luck in whatever future endeavors you dive into.

Ahora? More like Aloha (xd)

But serious take care ans hope you come back eventually