Will any new modes be updated?

I think this game should update more feature or new modes, ex:
Coop raid with 3 - 4 players in a really big mission (warfare)
Or Offline mode that can play without energy and did not receive item when finish game in this Offline mode :slight_smile:


Servers can’t handle much stress, having 4 people will lag crazy
I see no point of an offline mode, you either quickwin for gear but playing through stages for no reason seems like a waste

From what I’ve been told, a 3-4 player mode would be a massive upgrade on the servers, increasing costs. An offline version would be pretty neat though.

What would be the point of offline mode?

practice. I would love an off-line mode to PVP vs. bots. No gems earned, no hearts lost. Just practice and test teams. Yeah, you can do that in duel mode but that goes over the server and requires that someone want’s to duel. That would be the ONLY reason I’d want an off-line mode.

yes that is exactly what i hope this game have, a bots mode that we can test to find out the Best team what we want. Additionally i want a offline mode without energy and items that we can play constanly, just for fun

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The idea may be good BUT, a bot team is only as good as it was programmed. If you ever have the opportunity to play against a bot or play on automatic yourself, you will find that you would not play that way yourself

100% correct. But sometimes you just need to work out your swing and a batting cage does the trick.

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