Old MacRykel Had a Farm (Eee-I-Eee-I-O)

Which Heros are quick and easy to farm??


Hello one and all - I’ve not done one of my randomly titled topics for a while now.
- Apologies to my fan base that’s currently numbering the high zero’s.

So it used to take me around 3 days to get a hero from silver to gold. It now takes me about 3 days just to get an additional gold stripe on my hero’s shoulder pad.

Any suggestions out there as to which heroes are quicker and easier to farm? I’ve noticed that Maven is quite quick as most of her equipment requirements are fairly common

Anywho - any comments or tips, please share. Laters…:grin:

@Poobgloob - Hey buddy, are you able to do one of your magical spreadsheets summarising the hero equipment requirements. This is possibly a fairly massive task so maybe not, but worth asking as you seem to be a bit of a WIZ…

i know its simple i use:

  1. clyde= he can shot like cowboy
  2. ryker= he can use 3 missiles to kill enemy
  3. surge= he can use gravity to stop skill
  4. kunoichi= she can flurry of knives
    i chose kunoichi cause she likes a ninja

Either I don’t know what ‘farm’ means or …:grin:

Take a look at this: Hero Hunters Item Guide!

Thank you destroyer Dan!!


Fak wrong name Dude @KOMODOCHAOS

Hey bud - what does fak mean? and wrong name for what???

I think @DESTROYER1DAN or me