Any regret farms?

Do you have any heroes that you farmed and spent resources on but eventually felt flat mid to late game? If so, can you tell us so we can avoid those errors. Thanks!

Up to hard mode 6-10, most of the heros you are able to get shards from are either heavily reliant on who else is on their team or there is another hero similar to them that just does better in most aspects. It’s also your preference though, some people enjoy using those heros and can do well, some don’t. Keel, baron, and Beck are probably the most farmed heros our of them. As far as staying away, operator and elite rifleman I hardly ever see used in anythin.

As far as pvp shards, most of hero options you have are pretty strong right now. Gammond and mandrake are must haves right now and are run by almost anyone in pvp, while the rest see a decent amount of playin pvp as well. Generally the two hero options that are not the most common to farm are pris and ghoul. Pris is very single target minded but can be very fun to play but in comparison to be other options you have to choose from, she’s left behind. The second would be ghoul, mostly because he was newly introduced and has a very low star level before unlocking, I’m sure he will rise in popularity as people finish maxing other heros.

Gauntlet you really only have one choice, and as you get more heros and are able to finish all 5 levels he becomes very easy to farm. In my opinion, I think he is one of the best damage dealers in the game right now and just gets better with more stars.

Hope this helps!