Platinum Item Hero Requirements

Hey everyone,

Here’s a Spreadsheet of all the craftable Platinum Items and the heroes that require them.
Rather than searching items by heroes, here’s an alternate method for higher level Upgrade Planning, where you are able to search heroes by platinum items!
Check it out!

Platinum Item Hero Requirements

As the level cap increases and more ranks are attainable, this spreadsheet should fill out nicely. If you have any information on Platinum item requirements, please contact @Benched so he may add to Hero Hunters Item Guide! or contact me through the Community Discord Server (@Poobgloob)

Also, shout out to @DopedGoat for this spreadsheet’s inspiration.


Thx a lot Poob :slight_smile:

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Thanks Poob, great stuff

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Definitely bookmarking this : D

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Hey Poobgloob,

Not sure if you are continuing to maintain this or not, but I have a few updates if you want them.

Assault Rifle: Odachi P0 -> P1
Boots: Baron P0 -> P1
Fuel Cell: Caine P0 -> P1, Heimlock P1 -> P2
Gas Mask: Callidus P0 -> P1
Glove: Caine P0 -> P1
Goggles: Heckler P0 -> P1
Heavy Helmet: Heimlock P1 -> P2
Heavy Rifle: Yanlong P0 -> P1
Large Bullets: Heimlock P1 -> P2
Light Helmet: Caine P0 -> P1, Sentry P0 -> P1
Medium Helmet: Kunoichi P0 -> P1
Shoulders: Yanlong P0 -> P1, Odachi P0 -> P1

Think that was all I could tell from what I have leveled so far.


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@vestige Much appreciated!
I’ve added your contributions. :slight_smile:

If anyone else has any other information to add please let me know via message or through this forum, thank you! :smiley:

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Poob, could you add information about where to currently find each plat item to the spreadsheet? This information would be far more valuable to me than what is required by each hero. This is because sometimes I see plat items in the black market or alliance store and only buy them if they cannot be obtained through missions.

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Hey there Poobgloob,

I have a few more updates for you.

Assult Rifle: Clyde P0 -> P1
Gas Mask: Phalanax P0 -> P1
Gloves: Hideo P0 -> P1
Googles: Odachi P1 -> P2
Heavy Helmet: Gammond P1 -> P2
Large Bullets: Gammond P1 -> P2
Pistol: Clyde P0 -> P1, Hideo P0 -> P1, Phalanax P0 -> P1, Keel P0 -> P1
Shoulders: Odachi P1 -> P2
Sniper Rifle: Keel P0 -> P1



@Poobgloob - You are welcome to add this to your spread sheet. I think that it would be very useful and works well with what you have already put together.

@ Skoram The following is where you can get each item (as of district 10):

The format is {district}-{mission} {Difficulty}

8-10 N <-- Means district 8 mission 10 on normal
9-2 H <-- Means district 9 mission 2 on hard

Armored Boots: 10-3 N, 10-7 N, 10-3 H, 10-7 H,
Assault Rifle: 9-1 N,
Chest Armor: 8-7 N, 9-1 N, 8-7 H, 9-1 H, 9-5 H,
Cybernetic Hand: – currently not farm-able –
Fuel Cell: 8-10 N, 9-4 N, 9-8 N, 8-10 H, 9-4 H, 9-8 H,
Gas Mask: 8-9 N,
Glove: 8-8 N,
Googles: 9-6 N,
Grenade Belt: 10-6 N, 10-10 N, 10-6 H, 10-10 H
Heavy Helmet: 10-4 N,
Heavy Rifle: 9-3 N, 10-2 N, 9-3 H, 10-2 H,
Large Bullets: 9-7 N, 10-1 N, 9-7 H, 10-1 H, 10-5 H,
Light Helmet: 10-3 N,
Medium Helmet: 8-6 N,
Pistol: 9-10 N, 10-4 N, 10-8 N, 9-10 H, 10-4 H, 10-8 H,
Shoulder Pads: 10-9 N, 10-9 H,
Sniper Rifle: 10-6 N,
Throwing Knives: 9-2 N, 9-6 N, 9-9 N, 9-2 H, 9-6 H, 9-9 H,
Core Mark I: 9-5 N,
Core Mark II: 10-5 N,
Throwing Stars: – currently not farm-able –


@vestige @Skoram
Good idea guys, sorry I took so long, but I’ve added all the information as well as the locations you’ve given.


If you have any other information let me know :slight_smile:

Just added a new tab to keep track of which hero information is still missing.
If anyone has any information on the following heroes, please let me know, thanks :slight_smile:

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I can show you these 2.



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Thank you @Kraterios.
They’ve been added. :slight_smile:
Lemme know if you (or anyone) obtains any more info !