Opponent shooot first

How is it possible that sometimes the opponent shoots first
I just had a match against someone and even before my mauler get in his place so I can shoot with him he was already death he was my strongest hero that I was using
Isnt there a way to get the match started at the same time so both players start at the same time
It would be really great to not lose because your opponent has already emptied a clip before I could do anything

Network Latency is the usual cause for this. Happens to me more often than I care to count.

Best thing I can suggest is that you only play PvP while having a strong connection. Either wifi or cellular.

If on cellular network, avoid playing games in crowed areas where there are a lot of people actively using their phones.

Also avoid playing on free wifi networks. They tend to be crowded and have low/congested bandwidth for the number of users on them.


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You should check…

your opponent must have oracle platinum in his team… so at start of mission she damage 3 random enemy… May be because of this your mauler died.

That is not what he is referring to.

Sometimes the opponent has his damage dealer on a position he reaches quick, while your hero has to run a longerbway to get to his position. That can cost you a second. If for some reasons your hero is aiming at some random spot instead towards the opponent team, it can cost you another second. If you play against Mauler, that can be enough to already be in a stun lock.


Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but is it possible to have movement speed passively boosted the start by a plat or gold skill? Something like Surge’s plat helping hand skill? That activates as soon as a match starts. It’s possible that could have happened. As of an instant death Mauler, I’m not sure. Also any slight network blip could set you back one second and give the other player a slight advantage.

The opponent didnt had a oracle in his team
And I play on wifi strong connection
But it happen mostly after I have a wining streak that I am later than the opponent but sometimes its so terrible that my hero is already death when he reaches his place against a pazer

That’s odd. Idk what else to tell you.

I had a match yesterday where the enemy’s Dogface was already shooting at me by the time I got in position. I think @WalleWu has got it right here. And it’s unfair, especially if it’s a Mauler.

my opinion is lag issue or latency like some one tell me u could fight someone who can be everywhere on the world so how a spanish and a chinese could play without lag !!! I dont know but seems to hotead something normal …

This happens a fair amount. IMO it’s most frequently an issue when playing against an enemy dogface - for some reason I think the rear line often has a faster path than the midline, and by the time I started to shoot at dog, one of my squishy energy guys was already mostly dead.