Pvp speed up

Is it just me or haveing other players the same problem as me
If i start a pvp match everything is speed up like I play in 2x speed or something
And its not just me its the enemy also
I dont know what it triggered but I just started the game and start a pvp match

Latency issues seem to cause this.

You’re not alone. I’ve experienced it for several enemy teams. My Clyde is the only one on my team that does it.

I’ve seen hyper-speed Clydes lately, but only Clyde!
I blame lag and rubberbanding.

#BuffClyde, insert kappa

I see this happening when a mandrake or ifrit is in the team, somehow they get a boost when they are supposed to gain stealth or when they are revived, not every match but it happens

Its not just one hero its the whole team
My team and the enemy team also the timer goes faster than normal
Its like I play on 2x speed or something or maybe 1.5x speed

Does this happen often?

Ive noticed the speed-up when a hero gets revived. They ‘spawn’ in a random spot, like they would at the beginning of a match, and then they run to where they’re supposed to be and during this time, they get super speed presumably to get them to their appropriate position asap.

So a mid-line hero might spawn on the rear right but their actual position is supposed to be mid left. What ends up happening is they jump down from the rear line first and then sprint to the other side of the mid line at Mach 7.


Are you just trying to fit your server argument into as many threads as you can?

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He’s got a point. No need to plaster your complaints about the servers into a handful of different places where it isn’t related at all.

I replied to 2 other threads that were talking about PvP in which I had the same problems, which does make my replies related. If you don’t have any useful feedback to give then why even reply?

:joy: Says the guy whose last forum comment was a juvenile letter-by-letter mockery of another commenter’s response.

This conversation isn’t going to accomplish anything. Perhaps my reply was unnecessary, but that definitely doesn’t preclude yours from being a waste of space as well. Just keep things on topic is all I’m asking.

You are wrong, in general we are very well behaved for a forum crowd. Also most of really like the game and wat to make it better.

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Don’t make me tap the sign! Stay on topic, don’t attack each other, read the rules before every post if you forgot them.