Panzer is Overpowered

Been coming across panzer in PVP for a week plus
match starts instantly one of my heroes dead
I have a decent overall team level of well over 250,000 and I can’t overcome this useing platinum heroes or Variations on my PVP load out
not seeing any advantage to using bio mechanical heroes to overcome mechanical for me isn’t working properly in this situation the way you Would think it would
panzer takes no work to charge her skill that’s a lot of power to give somebody in PVP at the very start of a match
Where is the counter to this hero
I’m missing nine heroes of that are available and I don’t see the counter that would even give me a chance
so now PVP is saturated with panzer

Thank you for this post. Thought the same. It was time someone finally spoke up. No one had the balls to it before you did. Oh…but…yeah…I saw something, just one thread below yours



@WalleWu lmfao, :joy:
Btw I just flagged it

But did you notice how the PVP matchmaking is unfair and possibly broken? I should make a thread to discuss it!

Jokes aside, sometimes mistakes happen. :slight_smile:

No I didn´t notice. But if you open a thread about it, i would start a new on.e right afterwards

The flood is rising. Tomorrow the 55 farmers would get panzer. it will be mayhem.

The storm went down a little last 2 days, probably the silence before the big storm

While I do agree panzer is quite op currently I hope they dont nerf her too much. I hate to see a hero I invested alot of time and money become weak or mediocre.

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With the health changes I think it will help reduce her power aswell

Any PVP match 25,000 and above soon as match begins panzer kills your healer Basically it’s hard to win without a healer on the high levels of pvp and hope to God the other person doesn’t wait till two heros are using the same cover standing by each other both dead The PVP matches I’m experiencing must be world records for how to get your ass handed to you

Yo - I haven’t read all the posts. Why don’t you simply get Panzer on your side. End of

Beause we want PvP matches not PvP rushes.

I have panzer Just looking for balance not frustration not looking to level up panzer to do the same thing just looking to enjoy PVP so I’m with expansion this just may need some control instant skill at the beginning of a match and the only balance is you use the same hero ?

At this current state it just feels like they want everyone to get a guarantee kill so that people spend gold on reviving essential healers/energy.

They’re trying something here because no matter if you roll left or right it’s heat seeking And if you seek to use cover occupied by another hero you’re both dead
start PVP and at the load screen if you see panzer on your opponents team
get ready
Match starts
she attacks
now it’s Three or four against five
hope to God that their team doesn’t have Nightingale and Kane mandrake etc… What a cluster fuck those who can do this enjoy it while you can
For me is the worst situation since the game lunch
your strongest hero or healer dead in an instant
pvp tournaments Are not really enjoyable long as players run amok with panzer unchained
It’s not like they give me a hero at the beginning of the match with instant silence skill So panzer can’t launch the attack so fast
what other attack in the game is that powerful and that easy to obtain just start the match and fire

make her shitty 10k dmg to all enemies skill start with 100% I’m ok with that…

I think her skill is a tad OP maybe, not that she starts with it and it does good Damage, but that it is AoE.

I have had character of mine die, before all of my other characters finished running in, at start of match before Panzer. Characters dying that fast isn’t new, we just see it more, because she can do it more regularly.

I Have been in matches where my Panzer has been stunned, or keeps getting knocked back starting a match for 5-10 seconds. Sometimes, using up my Skill when it happens. So she can be countered.

The problem is, you can’t build for any one character (Panzer) or a specific team of 5 now, because there are more good characters. If you build to face a certain team or type of team and get them great, easy win usually. If you don’t well you may lose a few character or lose match.

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