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Hello my fellow members I think that overpowered heroes like panzer and such shouldn’t be in the game or at least rare to get because this is unfair to lower level player who don’t have these good heroes yet, hothead games please fix this is you are reading for the sake of all us players of the game!

It’s near impossible to make heroes with different powers and dynamics without making one slightly better than another. If you truly wanted all heroes to be equal, then just make a game with 50 Rykers. Problem solved.

Also, this has been said a million times over, and this post doesn’t add anything new, except that you recommend to remove heroes, which would be worse than making them overpowered. Keep in mind that some people payed hundreds of dollars for these heroes, and imagine if that was all taken away.


please do construct your suggestions better next time!


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i for one, speak for myself. on the matter at hand this is where diverse combos come to play. you need to improvise, adapt and overcome your own challenges and beat them rather than calling for a fix or a ban on something that keeps getting run through because nobody can learn to be happy about changes.

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It’s a competitive game in a competitive setting in which people grind to make the best out of the hereos. Being VIP level 14 I paid alot in game so far and would hate to see the ones I leveled up get thrown away. As per above stated you need to learn the match ups - adapt and find a counter. There are 60 heroes in which combined right become top teir or deadly to beat. Learn to give opinionated resolutions rather than asking for a removal of a certain character being that you’ve been unlucky against them. Hope you get stronger and wiser my friend. Happy hunting.

This game literally throws gold at you during events. So if you want that beloved hero, save the gold and buy the crates. Panzer was farmable last month in the rotating coop raid. Grab a buddy, and get the 60 frags she requires. And then use the frags the game gives you as event rewards to level the hero. I mean this isn’t a difficult game. No hero is “unfarmable” or impossible to get. Hell they even give you a chance to get prophet and Artemis frags from gold crates. Although rare, you can still obtain every hero in the game without having to pay actual money. If it’s that big of a problem to some people, maybe they should just find a different game where every hero, champion, or what have you is just given to you.

The last hero that eluded me was Artemis. I had no luck drawing her. I gave up buying hero chests and spent gold in the black market every time she popped instead. Took a long time and cost a pretty penny in gold, but I have her. Occasionally I got lucky and she would pop in the Alliance shop and I could get a few frags, too. So what batman says is absolutely true.

Panzer is great! She used to be completely BONKERS before they fixed her. There will always be a strongest hero, and also a top 3 strongest heroes. No matter how much you ban Panzer, Dogface etc. another one will be the strongest one.
As you say in your original post Panzer isn’t that rare, you’ll get your own Panzer eventually then you’re on even terms again.

It’s not about him or her being any level it’s to the extent of that I payed to play this game. if I sat here and used money to level up a certain hero in this case panzy - which I do like the most out of my mech line up removing her would one - be a scumbag move on the devs - two wouldn’t really solve anything. If they were to remove the meta and how its played you’d be missing 3 to 5 heroes and still have this conversation when they Introduce newer ones.

Was never about showboating in my response until YOU made it that way with yours. I offered the same advice I was when I make posts about overpowering issues that other players give back. Never once stated or made it a conversation about who spent more money in game . Relax buddy.

Well, the game needs balancing, and you should know that any hero may be radically changed from one patch to another.

I don’t think that’s ‘a scumbag movement’. That’s how all these games work. If they make a mistake and they release an unstoppable hero (like panzer was on release) they NEED to tune her down. Even if people paid and invested in her. Otherwise it’s bad for the game health.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Panzer needs a nerf. I believe that other dps heroes need a buff, instead. But the ‘I invested a lot’ argument is not a valid one to defend why a hero should be tweaked or not


With the right team I can either kill or ignore Panzer and win the match. It’s fine learn to play.

The main point is that most heroes are to weak and a few are strong and always used making for boring gameplay.

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