Gilded coins

As few and as far between as you can earn them or the price you have to pay to buy them its seem like the rewards should be a little better than 60 frags most of the time


it all depends on your power I’m at 1M8 of power I miss pariah and serial so most of the time with the golden chips I get heroes 3 stars but that’s how they distribute a lot compared to before so I find his good personally now the guy who is missing a lot of heroes I find it very good for him and he must be delighted

Yes but what about those who have many common heroes and have a very slim chance of getting unique ones like striker, pariah ? I personally must have opened 15+ gilded crates only to find common 3* heroes. Useless if you ask me for players having more heroes. Maybe a tweak is needed in the algorithms.

inevitably the more heroes you have the more it becomes complicated imagine the hassle for me which is just missing pariah and I opened more than 40 with golden chips but as always there is so much to do or to see that it seems to me maybe i said well maybe not a priority after this is only my opinion

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