Phoenix became good since July update

First off:
Good job on giving her an update. She’s been MUCH more useful since then; her bronze skill is deadly, her her gold skill is… Better. But it could be… Better still.
Does anyone agree that Phoenix went from meh to quite interesting?

I also think her silver skill could could work in a different way.
The way it works now is that it deals (good) initial damage with a chance to a 10 second silence effect + more (good) damage per second. I think the % chance to trigger the extra damage should be removed so that the extra damage is guaranteed. The silence effect can still be a % chance bonus. And most importantly: add a % chance for the flames to spread to nearby enemies! A bit like Scum and Ghoul. I like when they cause CHAOS and having a stronger character do the same thing would be amazing! She is “the” pyromaniac specialist after all.


I like how they “semi” buffed her Gold skill… it’s not worthless anymore, but I feel they should not have increased the resurrection time … it went from 6 seconds, to 10 seconds… Only revived I’ve witnessed was when a Moss used his heal on her… other than that she wont ever last 10 secs to revive… I feel the resurrection timer should be 4 seconds, and that she should still deal Phoenix Flame Damage upon death AND resurrection, not just death.

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I agree. I played Phoenix before and now. Her gold never worked, and now only works in PvE matches. I’ve never had ip work in PvP. I feel like maybe the shield could very quickly regen as she takes damage, like fortress, so she soaks a ton of damage to die, instead of just getting popped a few time and falling over.

I feel like the damage on death was a defeated sigh from the devs. Like, “ya we know she wont survive, so here is some extra damage for a consolation prize”.

I like the idea of the damage happening during the revive instead. But if that then not after. Either make the shield more tanky or the damage scarier. I think a rush to put her out when it procs would be fun.

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