Patrol needs change

I would like the developers to do something about Patrol. It is very hard to move higher than tier 1 platinum and it is impossible to do so more than that. In order to solve this issue please bring one or more of these changes to the next update. 1) The Patrol limit should be lift off and no more limits. 2) The amount for each patrol points should be increases to 30% or more. 3) The Patrol requirement points, which is 1 million from platinum to each tire, should be decreases to 50% or more.
I appreciate you guys listening to us and hopeful for a change next update.



I’ve said it in the past and am saying it again. Removing patrol limit will surely help especially vip players as they can do more patrol than vip0 players. It will push more people to spend. Good for game good for players best for devs pocket. So I don’t see a reason why they aren’t doing it.

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I guess 100th hero will bring lots of changes in this game…+ve changes, so, maybe… We’ll really see some good changes in patrols too. This topic was already been posted.
I guess!

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Patrols need a change for sure, we are 52m and only reach the Platinum+3 crate. Never have even come close to the ruby crate.

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Same in my Alliance. But if we finish all 100/100 daily patrols why don’t we reach ruby levels ? Doesn’t make any sense.


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