Patrols, Patrols, Patrols

I want to like this new game mode (and there are some things that I do like about it) but there are a bunch of things that frustrate me about it so let me try to be constructive about it :slight_smile:

(1) The 100 patrols limit for the alliance.

  • I don’t get why this is needed if each hero is single use and there’s a limit on concurrent patrols per person. And if a limit must be there, can it be done per-person instead of alliance-wide? (That way alliance members are not bickering about who is ‘hogging’ all of the patrols)

(2) Two ‘currencies’.

  • I’m prone to overanalyzing and I find myself thinking "hmm, these two patrols are identical for requirements and duration but PatrolA gives 100 alliance gems and 1500 patrol points while PatrolB gives 150 alliance gems and 1000 patrol points. This seems minor or maybe even spicy but it drives me nuts. Life would be much easier without this unnecessary layer of abstraction where the alliance gems you earned were just a set ratio of how many points you earned your team. ie when the daily count ends, if you earned 5 500 points for your team, you get 550 alliance gems. Nice and simple, no clutter :slight_smile: Not to mention it removes the annoying choice of “should I help the alliance or help myself that you get from the scenario mentioned above”

(3) Patrol generator black box

  • Are patrols being churned out 100% randomly? Are they random-ish but affected by one or two factors? Eg TeamA where the average member is low-powered will get different patrols compared to TeamB where the average member is quite high-powered. Or the generator will spit out patrols that are similar to the ones that are being completed so as to change over time. I ask because our patrol generator is spitting out a slew of 100-200 point patrols that eat up the aforementioned 100-patrol limit. Sure, you can ignore them, but then you’re trying to convince alliance members not to do certain patrols and take a very different approach than they do with bounties (ie do whatever you can)

(4) Running total of points

  • maybe I’m blind here but I swear I only see the ‘X points until next crate’ count.
  • It seems that earlier crates disappear from the info page instead of just being grayed out

(5) When does the cost of a manual re-roll reset?

  • it seems unclear when the cost will reset. Is it at the end of the patrol day? At some other time every day? At the end of the crate?

(6) Member contributions of 0

  • Currently it seems that members who have contributed 0 are not shown in the list. As an officer, this makes it hard to quickly identify underperformers since the worst underperformers (people who have contributed nothing) actually escape detection unless you cross-reference the contribution list against the alliance roster
  • Technically this applies to alliance events outside of patrol as well

(7) Member contributions of less than X

  • Currently, all alliances have it set such that users who have contribution = 0, do not get any associated reward. I would personally be interested in being able to have the alliance set this themselves. That way instead of each alliance writing “min contribution X” in their description, members/players can just see what it is right away and know that they better hit that target.
  • Technically this applies to alliance events outside of patrol as well

(8) Contribution page showing, not just total per player but also the average for players

  • Here’s the rationale for this. As discussed, in item #3, the limit of 100 per day means alliances would like that to be 100 ‘high value’ patrols vs low value ones. Unfortunately, not every member complies with this and burn up some of the communal 100 on low value patrols. Having the average posted will provide statistical accountability and prevent users from doing too many of these low value patrols against the wishes of the alliance.

(9) Random rewards

  • Did they get removed? I feel like I haven’t seen ‘random’ bonuses for patrols in a few days
  • As a sidenote, I think it would be fun if the likelihood of a reward was related to the likelihood of a patrol failure! ie If you manage to successfully patrol on just a 30% likelihood, there should be a higher likelihood of a reward (no reward for failing though, obviously). The fun part would be trying to get each patrol to be around 95+% so you are almost guaranteed to succeed but you also get a chance to get a random bonus :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the work y’all do!

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Yeah the random bonuses, haven’t seen any of those for a week.
Good points on the Patrols mode here.

It’s almost impossible to get plat crate without rerolling. Rerolling is crazy expensive.

IMO, no point in being “engaged” in patrols if we need to spend gold for petty changes.

My alliance maxed out daily patrols only accepting 1,000 pt patrols. Still only got silver and gold crates
Have to reroll very often for platinum crate

Same thing on our guild.

But if you look at the additional rewards in plat crate, not even worth the gold for rerolls.

Bad, unfair, and predatory mechanics.