Pay to Play (Caine Events)

So now we have 2 Caine mission and in order to play these events to the fullest, you MUST spend a ton of gold.


I love playing this game and hate the fact that its turning into PAY TO PLAY.
Total BS!!!

well, you’re still not forced to have Caine in order to play the game. the events are simply optional parts of the game for you to participate in but by no means are you required to participate in them in order to play the core game (ie: Campaign, PVP, Raids, Gauntlet, etc).

so please, try again in telling us how this is turning into Pay 2 Play…don’t worry…i’ll wait


Maybe he’s talking about the solo blitz?

Some free fuell cells, I’d love to get them but nothing game breaking.

PvP tournament, probably end up top 250 with a little luck 100, Caine would have helped but still not game breaking

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I don’t have Caine, I just won’t play the solo blitz. Less content for me to engage with, but there’s lots to do in the game anyway.

It sucks but I’m not ready to spend more on gold right now.

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I’m sorry raw what were you saying

Look at that, you don’t have Caine, yet you have over 4 million points in PvP tournament! Somewhat contradictive of your original post.

As for the solo event, it requires Caine, but does not require you to purchase him… He is attainable without buying him. Do a bunch of Dojos, I’m already 45/60 shards just from Dojos, and there are people that have gotten him to 5* already just from Dojos.


Well that’s a stupid comment. I love how this page is supposed to be for feedback but ends up being an attack on an opinion that you dont agree with.

I think its ridiculous to have a Caine event so soon. Especially since he was just launched. My argument was for ALL PLAYER. High and low. Not just me.

Also just because some people may have him at 5* does not mean that they got it from dojo. Both you and I know all you need to do is unlock him then you can use bounty/pvp shards to upgrade him.

To be completely fair, its impossible for the average player to unlock Caine from Dojos in the… 3 days we had since he was released to this event happening. Only those who carry a lot of Coop can get him in time.

In my opinion, this event should have been delayed one week. With that, more players could have farmed him from Dojo. But as I said, a lot of events will have a required hero. There are around 20 heroes that can’t be farmed anywhere (well, alliance store, but thats really luck based) and can only be obtained from crates or old events. And sooner or later, there will be an event with an hero you don’t own.

Should these heroes never be featured in any event, because they are “pay to play”?


Honestly, I think that Caine should have been released the day of the update, and not had to re-do all tiers of dojo again back fromnthe beginning. If that were the case, players would have had ample time to get all the frags needed to unlock him (using some of their daily gold for a reset or two to get the last 4-8 shards needed) I understand this thought only really applies to players at lvl 55 or better, but even still, would have leveled the playong field for more of the higher end ftp players to take part in events.

That being said, with the way the events lined up, players who are either thrifty with their free gold, or willing to spend a bit do get a nice little bonus, but as a higher end player, most of the rewards from the solo blitz are kinda junk for me, and moat od my pvp points aren’t generated from caine to begin with.

shrugs just my thoughts

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To be fair Poob, I think the people who have unlocked him already from Dojo’s are a very,very rare exception - people who sit in VIP chat all day to pick up carry requests. I have done a few (maybe 3 or 4) carry requests, have traded dojo’s every day since Caine was released and on top of that have a lowbie account that I get additional dojos from, yet still would not have unlocked Caine if I did not spend gold. I believe he was released in dojo 5 days ago. On the first day you could get 2 shards (trading level 25), second day 4 shards, 3rd day, 6, last 2 days 16. That adds up to 28 shards - less than half what you need to unlock him. So you would have to supplement that with quite a few carries. You know of people who got him to 5 stars from dojo alone? If such a person exists (would probably have had to do at least 30 carries from VIP chat), I don’t think you can use this incredibly rare and crazy case as an example to support the idea that Caine was easily obtainable from dojos.

Caine is far from needed to do well in the pvp event, in fact I think only 1 or 2 guys from the top ten are using him, but I’m not sure how I feel about the solo blitz, Creating an event in which maybe less than 1% of the game population can participate may be in poor taste and, if nothing else, a bad PR move.

@Marcorr @Skoram @GTSaiko

I agree, I was being a little closed-minded about the Solo event.
I think what the devs should have done rather than making it to where you only gain points for using him, was to make it where we gain points for either using him OR facing against him… cuz I’ve faced quite a few Caines this event…

Overall you’re right… no point in hosting an event that most players in the game can’t even participate in.


Still the rewards from solo blitz aren’t that special, if you got a lot of energy, fragments etc it would be different.

For PvP, I’m doing fine without him, got a good roster and I’m able to score just fine

The original post and the pictures you just posted contradict each other.

You don’t NEED to have Caine(I used Pris for this one anyway although I ran out of data before grinding properly).

Save up gold from newly completed campaign mode and just buy the chest when there’s a new hero. I’ve only done that twice myself and each time I got the new hero in the first chest I bought(via farming, not money spent).

I can’t see anybody attacking your opinion, only the legitimacy of it.


Or just do like others PvP events did in the past. Reward points for any fight, extra points if you have Caine.

Just like the Halo/Pris PvP blitz that was hosted for Easter. I remember getting a few rewards in that event despite not owning Pris neither Halo, by the time.

But again, this event was made most likely as a way to make people try their luck with Caine’s crate (which, in my opinion, sucks, but thats another topic), and get some money out of it

I unlocked Caine just before the event started without buying any crates. It is doable but you need to do dojo55 alot. I helped a few people and it worked out. So zero gold but a lot of effort and help from other players.

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