Events on caine when you have to have bought him

The event starting tomorrow requires caine for PvP - without resetting dojo 10+ times or spending a very large amount of gold on the tiered crates (which are a trap and not worth it) you cannot have caine for this upcoming event. This is getting dangerously close to a pay to win aspect. Please consider how you go about this.

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Does not require him, he is only a bonus hero that if you happen to have him will generate more points if you win. A very small advantage, if people even have him leveled, to the people who were lucky enough to get him out of a crate or have hit up a lot of people for invites.

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No, I think he means the upcoming solo blitz. You need him to get a bunch of items, worth a ton of energy.

I enjoy these kind of ‘required hero’ events. And I already own Caine, so I welcome this one.

But I agree that doing this event like 3 days after releasing Caine is kinda unfair for most players, because only people who pay gold and are lucky or those who do lots of dojos daily will be able to have Caine ready on time.

On the other hand, this can be true for half of the hero pool. Two weeks ago, if recall correctly, there was a Yanlong PvP tourney, and I had to buy a gold crate to unlock him, in order to play the event. Given that most of these events dont give unique rewads, they just speed up farming process (a lot, to be honest), I dont think its THAT bad.

I would have delayed it, at least, another 4-5 days

My bad on the assumption, seen some similar topics lately and thought it was the same. Yea i could see that, I believe we had a similar blitz with Sapphyr when she came out in the dojo.

I’ll echo what Gt said as well, a blitz like this are really just saving a bunch of energy for people. I wouldn’t necessarily call this one a “pay to win” event because every item is still obtainable by doing normal game functions and its just rewarding the people who do have him early. One thing for it to offer farmable resources, another to offer hero fragments.

I mean the solo blitz event starting tomorrow that does require him

It’s true that we had the same with sapphyr, but I thought this one was way quicker then sapphyr one if I remember correctly, also the dojo reset to 25 doesn’t help, if you could trade it was 8 each day, right now you have 3 with a trade