Caine PvP event with no way to get him :(

See title! Only way to get Caine is thru gold. This is clearly not fair. Please don’t make me complain about this game’s pay to win tactics for the 1000th time :slight_smile:

P.S. ok you can get him thru raids soon but there isn’t enough time to get 60 frags.

Don’t complain - just hit Dojo as hard as you can…I made around 100 Saphyr Frags in 4 weeks so it shouldn’t be beyond you to get 60 Caine frags in Dojo.
Level up your team - smash the medics in Dojo and bob’s your uncle. Simples :grin:

well the Caine PVP Event is in 2 days … this is probably why he’s complaining. Given that dojo just started rewarding his frags less a day ago, that gives less than 3 days to unlock him.

I’ve never felt truly pressured by HHG to spend gold on crates for an event … until now.

So I spent gold and unlocked him :frowning:

I prefer to complain



Hes not required for the event though and no one is forcing you to buy him. They have done a good job including new heroes to give a reason for people to grind dojo or try their luck at crates and including older heroes that are easier to obtain.

Pris is only 40 shards to unlock from the pvp store and most people who have been playing for a few weeks have at least bought a few of her shards or have her unlocked. If you need the 5x points almost every person in the top two tiers is likely to own her already.

The 10x hero is usually one of the newer heroes and that’s basically to reward anyone that has actively tried to farm him or was fortunate enough to pull him from a crate.
In fact, when Sapphyr was introduced we had a tournament where she was the spotlight 6 days after her release into the dojo and 12 out the top 50 players in that tournament had her on there primary team for scoring points. So it wasn’t like a huge disadvantage for people that didn’t have her. All it means is that you may have to win a few more games to get to the highest division.

You’re absolutely right he is not required to do well in the PVP tourney at all. But for those who, for whatever reason, want to use him for the tournament, the only way this time around is through gold/cash.

I’ll go one further and say that a lot of people in the top 100 didn’t use either bonus hero in the previous tournament.

I flipped a tier 1 crate and got enough Caine fragments to unlock him.
Reading the rules for the PVP though it states he’s not required, just worth more points than other characters. I am not sure I’m going to swap some of my powerful heroes out to make place for Caine - he’s not very useful really.

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