New ideas for Hero Hunters

So i have been thinking that we should offer some new and exciting ideas to improve the Hero Hunters game. If anyone has any thoughts on how to improve the game please respond in this thread.

  1. PvP win/loss statistics
  2. Hero skins available for purchase
  3. Custom PvP matches with ability to invite friends
  4. Alliance PvP tournament(idk how this would work but its just a thought)
  5. More gauntlet missions or Hard mode for gauntlet

Thank you for taking the time to read this as well as inputting any additional thoughts or notes. Happy Hunting Heros!

  • Jetlife

PVP duels is coming in the June Update. So that’s one thing down Lol

They should make skins the only in-app-purchase. That would give the game a lot of positive, wanted attention. It would also make the game more fun and competitive.

So everyone that payed cash or spent a lot of time should have everything removed they have?

@Kraterios No, no one should lose their stuff. Just make it so gold isn’t purchasable anymore and make everything that cost gold, buyable with other currencies.

And the Devs are payed with…???

The game needs to make some real money, to pay the guys making it. Only skins wouldnt be enough.

This guy is complaining all over the forum, haven’t even seen him in the game once

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