Plat Halo Boosted Abilities

So the June update brought with it some (perhaps well-deserved) nerfs to various plat Halo combos as boosted basic attacks purportedly no longer benefit from her plat ability. The notes go on to specifically list which abilities are affected.

I am curious about a few abilities that are not listed in the notes. Particularly, does anyone know if Cinder’s Salt of the Earth"" and Salvatore’s “Toxic Residue” abilities triggered Halo’s lightning rod?

The majority of the Attack damage boosting Skills did not trigger Halo’s Platinum. Such Skill will still not trigger Halo’s Platinum. The Hero Skills listed in the Patch Notes were Skills that are triggered off of a Basic Attack-based condition, but didn’t include the damage bonuses directly in the attack itself.

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Thank you for the clarification Omni!