What works with Halos Plat?

So I saw a video on Halo that was dated back in May and I saw the guy demolishing mech hero’s with Cinder and I thought great! I can finally fight back against DF, Panz and Keel so I got my Cinder to gold and took the pair into a match only to discover that it wasn’t working. Did some research to find out that There was a patch and that I ultimately wasted my time and resources. Anyways what I want to know to avoid this again is what works with Halos plat? I love her as a hero and I don’t want to throw her aside.

Oracle, savage, ifrit, mauler, surge, hive, scum, art, maven, Phoenix, oro, and ghoul. These are all the best heroes that work well with halos plat. best skills that work with halo

credit to Tommy Wiseau at discord#generalchat

More recommendations:

You can generally say that every active skill works with halos plat. If the active skill hast a damage over time effect, halo is triggered by it too.
Regarding the passive skills, it works with every skill which does xx damage a second.

I know a lot of people say and I have seen You tube videos that Halo and Savage work well together. Like Flat and Iffrit work well and like Caine is a great support char as well.