Halo plat skill nerf

Halo plat skill nerf ? I enjoy it , not gonna lie but it kinda ruins the overall game

What is it - I read it and sounds like she just augments allied skilled attacks - is it really that good?#

Everytime an ally does skill damage, she may increase said damage. It sounds brutal paired with certain heroes like Savage or Hivemind

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She scored higher than the bounty hero on a bounty, and its not a one of situation.

Needs to be a cool down on how often it can proc. That will solve the overpowered savage/hive mind combos without completely nerfing it into the ground.

She is great fun, but insanely overpowered.

I have tried several times in co-op raids with her and she scores more than the entire other 5 heroes combined.

Imo… -75% damage, and make it a 100% chance to hit…still good but not the ridiculous shit it is now.

Also…try it with hivemind…it triggers off of every tic of the drone damage…same with halo’s images…

I agree, I’d rather the damage reduced, and keep the proc rate so it would still be useful.

If it was the other way around, it would be an enormous waste of resources for those have Platinum her already. (Disclaimer: I haven’t yet lol)