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Let’s leave the matchmaking difference in power … But this kind of teams are ruining the game … how can Halo Platinum ability be activated at the beginning of the game? How can a team covered by min shield be wasted in less than 10 seconds ? The shields are completely ineffective. Mauler primary weapon attivate the halo plat like baron many months ago . I’m in wrong if I think that there is something to fix here? I will be really happy if some developer will answer me.

I think Mandrake’s platinum skill triggers Lightning Rod.
And to be fair, I love Min but her shields aren’t very durable compared to the powerful damage potential of the opponents team.

what you say can also sound good but … I think it’s not just that it was not just mandrake but just the primary weapon of mauler I just saw it carefully. and then more than 8k of difference in power … really instead of having us do three bounty tournaments in a month could rebalance the heroes because it is really frustrating to play like that.

Mauler probably had an instant critical at the start, Caine helps with the 5% chance

I believe mauler’s gold can also trigger halo’s plat. Which is awful, but it’s kind of a change of pace from the last few months of pandogzer domination.