Platinum +4 heroes in pvp

i’ve played several bots that are level 75 but have 4 platinum stripes, hows this possible??

If the bot usually copies teams, then…

but it’s not possible to have a 4th stripe until level 85… or i’d have a 4th stripe on my heroes

Does this mean bots will get 11* soon? :mandrakethink:

lol once all heroes are 10star plat +5 i’ll quit playing, so they have to find another mountain to climb. but anytime i’ve brought up adding stars people act like it’s heresy

Maybe they’ll add hardwood rank after plat… anything is possible

yeah or like a diamond rank, be interesting to see!

Yeah they’ll definitely come up with something to increase player interest. Just interested in what it will be.

I just got back and notice this too from a 3day vacation from the game and i was like “dafuq” wdid i miss the update for llvl 85 caps cause im fighting 85 bots i have screen shots too but it wont let me load it

1 thing I can see here this is the always win team haha, so many players use this form