Pvp balanced team

Am I the only one who get punished for using a balanced team in pvp get matched like this 3 out of games
And this was a bot because I cant find his name if I search his name so I think this is a bot

To be honest I don’t think 4 star platinum is balanced. Addings stars in general gives more effectiveness than promotions. There way power is calculated on stars vs promotions seems wrong to me.

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“Stars before bars!” - a mantra someone taught me when I started the game.

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Pretty sure i dont plat under 7*

@Pipos9, I see 2 issue here. You were up against a bot and yes the bots now are min/Maxing too :joy:.

Next your team matchup may or may not win, depending on how your drive your team. You were at a disadvantage with bot team having more energy vs your bio and lack of mech to burst down the bots energies.

Yea the problem is I only lose against bots
If I play against real players I can win a lot mostly 75% of the games because people useing panzer or dog and 4 healers

Just to show you what imbalanced looks like

it was much worse with the update, because everyone evolved to platinum more easily and take advantage of that, all the veterans that we paid in the game are being scammed … and I am one of them hahah

are your skills maxed?

Yes, except Panzer, his gold ability is at level 40.