What about 1/3 of items to upgrade your hero?

Hello everyone. Last week just came up to me a screenshot of a player account which isn’t dev or anything that helps the game. This guys suddenly started to get his heroes to plat +4 and his whole account to plat and he doesn’t spend any money into it so after many times trying to get him to explain it to me he finally sent me screenshots of his account! I’ll share it here:

So have a look! While everyone struggle to get 14 plat shurikens or any platinum item, this guys only needs 4!!! And even worse to get his heroes to plat 5, he only needs 52 MK5 cores! It means while everyone else is taking forever to do it, spending money and time, for this guy and worse, MANY OTHERS, it’s easy to upgrade any hero!
After those pictures I’ve sent a complain to the company and the answer was:
“we won’t do anything and his account is even to everyone else, what’s easier for you could be harder for him.”
I’m still trying to find what’s easier for me to do it because I can’t see anything better than upgrade your whole account to platinum whitin a week without spending any money. I just need everyone opinion and feedback to try to get it sorted once the devs didn’t do anything while they could.


Hey @Rokybr.
This is a pretty significant find! I can assure you there is a lot of discussion happening behind the scene to figure out what’s happening here.

I’m going to close this topic but I’ll send you a private message to get some extra info.