Hero Hunters Item Guide! **Updated for 1.9**

The long awaited list is finally in the works! With talks about having a guide when it comes to items been going around for a few months now, we have decided to open up a public access/editing document where players can see what items they need for each hero and also enter items for heroes they own!

Item guide Mobile Friendly for completed heroes only

Item guide spreadsheet (To edit)

Current Hero: Anvil (Will post full list when completed)

The goal for this document is to create a simple but detailed list of items each hero need throughout their progression of the game. Each hero has there own sheet with each stripe documented with what items are needed for the next grade. Finding out every item for all heroes at every level is a major task for even a few people to do, so anyone who views the document will be able to edit it and add items they know each hero needs at any giving grade. If you don’t want to edit, fell free to Message me on the forums or in game and we can go from there!

Starting out, we have a few heroes including the the platinum item needed by each hero to upgrade them to platinum! Feel free to look at which items you need or enter your own information. If you don’t want to post directly, you can leave a message with the information and someone will enter it for you

Edit 1.9: Update crafting guide for this patch which shows the reduced amount of items needed.


Maybe make a dumby email to make it easier to send you stuff, I asked some friends to help but 1 picture at a time trough pm is to much

Added my email to it if people would rather do it that way!

Yeah easier to add info

I’ve send you an email hope it’s enough info haha

Just going to bump this because I added another sheet for Individual items. You can see what you need to craft each item at every level and which missions you can find the parts in. Also a breakdown of store and chest items are included.

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Awsome work mate, thanks for helping!

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@Benched I T ’ S S P E L L E D “ G R E N A D E ” , N O T “ G E R N A D E ” :heart:


@Benched How come the Item Guide is in “View Only”? I have new info to put in. Did I get banned? XD

The Crafting guide should have every item already on it, so I didn’t feel it to be necessary for it to be publicly edited. If we have more introduced In the future I have no problem just entering it myself. If you think something is missing feel free to pm me and I can add it!

The Item guide anyone can edit because the majority of what needs to be entered I can no longer access on my end, so anyone that wants to contribute what they know can enter their info. Makes it a little less tedious for me and everyone else working on it because there is over 750 differently combinations that need to be filled. Would be a pain trying to get screenshots and ask around for information that’s still missing.

@Benched I think you’ve got them confused. I was talking about the “Item guide for Hero Hunters” document.

Yes my bad, Have them labeled the opposite for myself lol.

Point above still stands though and ill edit it for anyone else reading. Also, it shouldnt be view only for you, but i can reset the link.

@Benched No worries, I “deleted” it (went to Trash folder) and then undid the action and it works now. Guess it was a glitch.

Bumping this again as im trying something out, would it benefit anyone if I put the required amount of items/item fragments on each heroes page?

Like a total needed for each colored tier? or a total amount to get to Platinum or something?
Started a tiny section on the bottom of dogface’s sheet and wasnt sure if it would be more beneficial to list the whole item needed or if the total fragments would be better.

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Awesome guides. I havent looked yet but i want to thank you for taking the effort to write this.

No problem! Still have alot of slots to fill so anyone is welcome to message me if they want to add and don’t know how to!

Okay the Item Guide link won’t let me edit anymore and I’ve deleted and restarted it twice :frowning:

Re-pasted the link, try again. If it still doesn’t Pm me.

It’s working again :slight_smile:

@Benched The Crafting Guide needs some updating. There’s plenty of different platinum gear fragments to find in District 8.

Thanks for catching that, updated to include the platinum items missing from district 8.