Platinum Item Hero Requirements

Hey Poobgloob,

Not sure if you are continuing to maintain this or not, but I have a few updates if you want them.

Assault Rifle: Odachi P0 -> P1
Boots: Baron P0 -> P1
Fuel Cell: Caine P0 -> P1, Heimlock P1 -> P2
Gas Mask: Callidus P0 -> P1
Glove: Caine P0 -> P1
Goggles: Heckler P0 -> P1
Heavy Helmet: Heimlock P1 -> P2
Heavy Rifle: Yanlong P0 -> P1
Large Bullets: Heimlock P1 -> P2
Light Helmet: Caine P0 -> P1, Sentry P0 -> P1
Medium Helmet: Kunoichi P0 -> P1
Shoulders: Yanlong P0 -> P1, Odachi P0 -> P1

Think that was all I could tell from what I have leveled so far.


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