Platinum fuel cells

Is there any way we could get platinum fuel cells somewhere besides the few extreme missions and occasional co-op. It takes 159 to get a hero from 4 star to platinum. That takes forever when you’re getting like 5 a day with the drop rate. Maybe the gauntlet store or alliance or heronium store. I have all my heroes at 10 star and that makes the gauntlet store almost useless


I am so confused about this post? What do you mean platinum cells are only available in extreme? And from 4* to platinum? I’m so confused please explain

I meant 4 stripes to ruby it takes 161 platinum fuel cells and they are only available in 4 extreme missions

Platinum cells are available in normal missions you know? Ruby cells are only in extreme however.

Tell me a normal or hard campaign mission that has platinum fuel cells

They are only in 2-3,2-5,2-8,and 2-10 extreme

Uhhhh no. You do know you can scroll down on the right side right?

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Well now I feel like an idiot :slight_smile: thanks

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