Nerf’s and buff’s

Can we please slow it down with all the nerfs and buffs, I really feel like it’s happening way too much. It quite honestly hard to know what to invest in because by tomorrow it may be pointless. I’m not just referencing the issues with barron halo and cinder…


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It feels like going the path of savage where he’s is hardly even usable.

Not forgetting time and resources invested.

If this keeps up, people will start quitting …

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Seems to happen each month. Possibly too extensive each time, but not hard to predict.

Exactly my thoughts. Not all all happy with this update

Providing a counterpoint, in a competitive game like this Devs almost HAVE to make quick buff/nerf decisions when a hero is wildly OP. The number of people that have have a platinum Halo and Baron (and possibly Cinder as well) makes up a very small percentage of the game population. Giving such a select group such a huge advantage over the general population is tremendously unhealthy for the game overall. Droves of people won’t leave because Platinum Halo/Baron isn’t an autoplay insta-win any more. People will leave because they have no shot a winning with an equal power team and because niche metas are boring and get stale very quickly.

When the Savage nerf hit, I was selfishly a little bummed. I rode that big galoot to huge winning streaks at lower power levels because I kept him at Silver and only maxed Spray and Pray. He was basically unkillable before it triggered and once it did, the other team was in for an insta-wipe because the damage was so high and the stagger made countering nigh impossible. But even then I knew it was a crappy game mechanic and that at some point it had to be nerfed. And the game is better for it.

If anything, I think the problem is that they don’t fix OP heroes fast enough. Platinum Halo was allowed to exist for so long that people had time to invest all those resources in her and Baron. Even if a nerf was inevitable, it felt like you HAD to push for it because player’s just didn’t know how long the meta would be allowed. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of something like that for too long and you feel compelled to try and keep up with the meta even if you hate it.


Savage is awesome. If my Savage is awesome, am I doing it wrong?

dear developer please remove the nurfed that u did to baron, cinder and halo. i enjoyed every minute of using baron’s lightning plat skill

Why remove the nerf? Every game has nerf, but here it takes only too long time… I don’t think that halo Baron was unkillable, had also big streaks without them… Also pushed all my energy in halo, but now it’s useless… But if I look at her now, and my power now, I’m glad that I pushedd here, because it’s one more char I can play and one more char for fun… I don’t play meta builds, because every one plays them, it’s funnier to find a way to kill there unkillable meta and than have more fun xP

I only hope that they will bekomme faster in nerf and also buffs, than it will be more fun i think…

Yes I fully agree! what I should have said is make the nerf happen sooner. I realize you like getting the $$$ out of us first. You leave these “mistakes” long enough for everyone to upgrade then nerf it and make us start another, its very unfair.


For the last month there was like 4-5 topics of people complaining about the halo baron combo, probably more but I’m being conservative. In the game chat and on discord not a day went by where people would call it op or call for a nerf. Obviously it was not an intended interaction for her passive, I think everyone could agree on something that needed to be changed. Halfway through the month they increased the time between each strike and it still didn’t make a difference.

To be honest, shes far from useless, Gold Halo’s where still very common before the introduction of platinum. In fact, she was statistically the 2nd best energy hero in Pvp in April patch. Each heroes platinum ability provides either small team buff or a unique addition to their existing skill set. Just because her lighting cant trigger 50 times a second doesn’t make her unplayable, but it sure did make her a lot stronger then what was intended.

It would be ridiculous for the team not to make changes from month to month, if nothing was ever changed then PvP would be IMPOSSIBLE to play due to how broken savage, razor, and halo all where at one point. You combine them all it would just come down to whoever jumped out a head first, which would be no fun at all.

I have 0 complaint about halo she has been my fave since day one, just the the heroes that her ability made playable, once the first little adjustment was done I thought, “ok they have adjusted her now I can build around this”, but it was changed again… for me it’s not a big deal I will have all maxed plat heroes soon enough regardless how useful they are, but many who aren’t going quite as nuts spent a lot of their res. building up the heroes she supported only to have the ability’s taken away.

Thank you for responding

Yea I can see that, the indirect changes that effect the heroes that pair well with Halo is a side effect of the changes. But its crazy to say your going to quit a game based on a change like this. It takes maybe a week, week and a half of casual playing to go from gold to plat for most heroes once you have finished the campaign. I’m sure we will see heroes in the future that go through the same cycle, in a game with over 50 heroes you are going to see changes happen so it doesn’t turn into a game dominated by 5-6 heroes. Im excited to see what new team comps are made now! Maybe we start to see more phoenix as a counter to mech heroes? Maybe flatline will take the place of Mandrake in some teams!

I said this is another topic recently, but until a good portion of the player base starts to get a good amount of 10* heroes the only ones we will consistently see in PvP are easy to farm heroes or hereos with a skill that is super unbalanced.

Lol I remember when razor would kill the whole team with his pushback…

Do you mean Savage,where he is but a shadow of his old self now after all the nerfs

There has been one change to his kit since the release of the game worldwide. The only thing that was changed was he no longer staggered enemies when just spray and pray is active, he now has to have defensive fire active as well. Before the change, he could basically lock down 3 members of the enemy to the point they couldn’t do anything for the duration of the fight, not to mention the very short cool down on the skill itself. That same effect can occur, but now you have to wait a few more seconds for your other active to get that potentially game changing effect. If a hero relied solely on one part of their skill set to the point that if its tweaked slightly then the hero no longer sees play, then it wasn’t a very strong hero to begin with.

Just spent 3 weeks platinum halo and baron. Then they nerfed Baron and a couple heroes. I don’t like wasting time so I quicked the game!
PS: I was VIP 10

That’ll make them revert the changes and keep the PVP gameplay broken!

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No, Beta Razor used to hit everyone with his shield.