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Just Closed. Yep. it is

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So, instead of investing your time and thoughts into thinking about strategies how to beat her you decided to asking for a nerf.



No to this thread and no to the one asking for a Ronin nerf.

Both bring a unique challenge to the game. I wish more heroes had similar annoyances about them. Continuously nerfing characters will result in more useless characters like Fortress, who’s just there…existing…for no reason.

I don’t even have Shivs, but I like fighting against teams with her cause I actually need to put some thought into how I want to go about the match.

#morestrategy #lessnerfs :metal:t3:


Shivs is hella fun. No to the nerf

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Dont you guys understand when you guys get defeated by one?

With skill & effective strategy, she can be beat. A nerf isn’t needed but I’m sure with all the Shiv whining from players it will occur. Let’s hope I’m 100% wrong .

Do you mean that you want to give Shiv knives made out Nerf material? Thats stupid, how can you stab anybody with a sponge knife?

Plus Nerf doesnt make knives, they make guns…for children.

What’s next, giving characters Nerf footballs so they can throw them at enemies and hopefully hit them in their eye?

That and Nerf will never sponser a game like this unless you replace all their weapons with Nerf products. Personally, I like blowing things up and when I do that I dont want to use a sculptured sponge.

Thats it im closing this topic

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