General ideas and Feedback

Hi all,

First time poster and pretty big fan so wanted to introduce myself and thank you guys at HHG for making a game I feel excited for. Anyways just a few initial thoughts I could share:

This has probably been said a few times but alliance member size. 25 made sense prior to the global release but with the influx of new players it would be greatly appreciated even if it’s just small increase.

This may be unlikely but if it could just be considered: a game mode that doesn’t require stamina that only gives a nominal reward or none at all just to increase playability. I often find myself wanting to play but can’t do anything because I’ve “finished the day’s missions” and I have to spend my time on a different game.

More ways to make the game feel more “multiplayer”. Co-op raids are fantastic but you can only play so much of it before having to hunt down invites. Perhaps. 2-3 man survival mode? The infrastructure is already there like in some of the campaign missions so shouldn’t be too hard to make it happen.

I have definitely seen this mentioned before but an alliance ranking system by power for example just so people can see progress and have a feel for where they are in the world.

The ability to make chat channels where you can invite people into for whatever reason.

In the distant future perhaps considering the ability to unlock different “skins” for characters to create some additional end game content and unlockables.

2v2 PvP! I can’t stress enough how amazing this would be!

I’ve wanted on enough but if I think of anything else I will definitely post again. Once again thanks for the awesome game and keep up the correspondence with us, it shows us you actually give a dam about your game and it will keep me and many others loyal.

Vain out.


Welcome, @Vain!

Thanks so much for this feedback! These are all awesome points!

Being a player of the game as well, 2v2 PvP is something I’d enjoy greatly as well :smiley:

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Really good points @Vain

I think the alliance thing needs more than just a few more member spots.
Maybe sth. one alliance has to fight for a given number of missions or sth like this to get alliance lvl 1-2-3-… for additional members and maybe other advantages. Maybe a little extra cash over time or anything else.

In addition the overview should show the players position in the events. It would help in various ways… even if only for better finding the one who has to be kicked.