Team compositions

In your opinion, what team compositions would work best in PvP?

Some of my favorite team comps “in theory” would be (This is going off if all heroes are platnium):

Mauler comp.
Mauler, Caine, Moss, Ifrit, Halo
Basically trying to play off Maulers platinum/gold abilities. Caine is an essential hero in this comp as basically all his skills allow for it to work. Moss gives heals as well as crit chance. Ifrit spreads disorient to all enemies, an essential debuff for this team. Halo’s plat has multiple triggers for this team as well as having more heals to keep mauler alive.

Hyper damage Franc comp:
Francoise, Steele, Dogface, Heckler, Heimlock
This comp would focus solely on Francoise’s silver skill giving added damage to herself and another hero (via her bronze). You have 3 heroes who in some way boost their own attack which can be further enhanced by franc. Throw in a healer to help keep these guys alive, I think Heim would be a unique fit because of the synergy with franc’s healing.

The Ronin comp:
Ronin, Hivemind, Hardscope, Clyde, Odachi
Similar to Mauler, this comp revolves around Ronin’s platinum. Pairing low health heroes with him allows for it to trigger (clyde, odachi) but also triggers off spawned allies such as both hivemind and hardscope’s drones. Could be looking at a potential 7 or 8 times multiplier on his weapon damage at its peak performance.

I wouldn’t say these would be the best, but they are some interesting compositions that I hope to try someday.


Other additons to ronin are Min and Halloway.

One that’s fun to use but risky is a cinder + baron. Death of keel combos and a potent anti panzer / doggo.

What does that mean?

I’m kinda am using Mauler’s strat but without Moss as I need a tank (Heimlock) to take damage. No Odachi and Heckler so too bad. My Ronin is just 3/4 star so I doubt I will be using him. Franc takes too long for her silver skill to activate and usually gets interrupted by enemies. Just my 2cents.

Got another unique one for this.

Scum, Cinder, Keel, Baron, (can be a mix of different heroes but I liked flatline or ifrit)

Only hero you need platinum would be cinder, but a plat baron would be helpful.
I played this extremely different then how you would think. For the first two reloads on scum, I would ONLY destroy cover. Didn’t matter if there was anyone there or not. Usually able to get about 4-5 broken. By that time, If I still had an even matchup, I could burst down, or almost burst, a mech hero with cinder on a full clip. If not, her bronze would be up and I could try to finish them off. Worked great against dogface and panzer. Even some games where it came down to a 2v1 with cinder still alive, she was dealing almost 3x as much damage as normal and clutched a few games this way.


@Benched This sounds really fun! Do you have any trouble with Baron getting shredded right away by panzer/dogface?

Team with both can be a problem, if you are having trouble with him I could suggest either gammond or razor as a replacement. Gammond’s gold passive is actually very useful if he is the first to go down, as you have a greater chance of having him come back, and because of that he can soak up that early damage. Plus his heals combo good with keel when trying to stay alive.

I’ve found with this comp even losing keel and baron relativity early on you aren’t out of the fight. Like I said above, if the fight does come down to a 2v2 or 2v3 and cinder is still up you have a great chance of winning with those stacks you gained early game.

Nice, thanks for the info! I’ll have to give this one a shot some time.