Possible Small Update Delay


Bringing you some not positive news today.

As many of you noticed, Luciana’s Rare Skin currently has a bug which makes her completely invulnerable to normal attacks. This bug appeared very recently and right before the update was supposed to go out. We decided that it’s better to fix this bug first rather than releasing an update with it still present, since we don’t want something like this to affect some of the events we have prepared for you in a negative way.

The bug has already been fixed, however, this caused a delay in submitting the update to Google Play and App Store. This means there’s a possibility that 7.7. will be released with a small delay and all the events (Alliance Hero Fragment Blitz and Morrigan Daily Login Calendar) that were supposed to start tomorrow, January 18th at reset, will be pushed further by a day.

I will keep you all updated in case there are any future changes.

Thank you for your patience and support!

As a token of our gratitude, here is a small sneak peek of one of the things you can expect once the update is out:


Me I’m concerned about whenever a new hero is out I am not always lucky to have it, instead I received less frags

Thank you for displaying integrity and care for your product. We love the game and it means a lot that you are willing to sacrifice pushing ahead in order to set the path straight first.

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