Is any of the new 3-4 stars heroes useful?

Since I’ve got them I haven’t upgraded them cause at least in my “league” I don’t see them as competitive for PVP.

Is any of them useful or at least a good bounty damage dealer?

If you are leveling for alliance wars I’d do lancer ASAP he is currently the strongest hero in the game power wise

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Lancer’s basic attack shotgun is handy against frontline mechs. His skills can come in clutch, but are not reliable enough to lean on, so he’s kind of a 50/50.
(But…pair him with an upgraded Platinum Françoise, give him a full boost from her bronze/silver skills, and he will e a t the enemy.)

Carabina does not thrive in pvp at all, as her Gold and Plat skills rely on body count. However, she is fun/useful as a manned lead hero for coops and Campaign, and can really give your team some heft. I personally like her.

I don’t have Commando so I don’t know about him. I’ve heard he is similar to Elite Rifleman, but slightly better.

Commando is great for bounty! Idk why people keep comparing commando to ER in any way but appearance. He does great in bounty even without faction boost but when he IS featured…I’ll bet he could kill any bio chem bounty in one go. A team that adds crits and damage would also compliment him well. The team I use with him he has up to a 65% crit chance!


Carabina is eh, can stack damage multipliers if you leave her in the game long enough. Her silver deals little damage, BUT I found a glitch thing where if you change cover while it’s active you can shoot and move etc while her silver skill keeps going. She can also stack damage multipliers for team, but tbh u haven’t really bothered with her.
Commando, absolute beast at damage. I have him at plat currently, when he uses his skills boy his damage is too much sometimes. His bronze is enough to deal with bio enemies, his silver will guarantee death as long as you aren’t incapacitated and pair it with bronze. He pretty much heals himself if you activate his silver and attack that enemy.
Lancer, I don’t have yet.

Commando is god tier, for AW most of the 2019 second-half hero’s have decent power (20k+) but commando is really good for dps so I would reccomend giving him a try, think of an energy version of ryker and dogface merged together.