Powerful Midline Support

I’ve mentioned it before, but I think it would really open up build composition if HH created some powerful midline support characters. The way the game’s meta exists right now, frontline is primarily tanking + support (with some DPS and disablers thrown in), backline is primarily support (with some very good DPS and disablers thrown in), and midline is primarily DPS (with some good disablers and mediocre support thrown in).

If I want to have a build that has 2 tanks, 2 support, and 1 DPS, that means that I almost cannot use a rearline or frontline DPS and have all of my characters play at their actual positions. And I think that’s kind of unfortunate. It means that when I’m playing with Savage or Dogface (or 4-CEP), it usually forces me into two DPS builds. It’d open up the game for these characters (and others) if the midline could have some support.


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