Midline Support

One of the things that seems odd to me is that there isn’t much in the way of midline support characters. I think Ronin and Fortress are the only ones with support skills, and Fortress isn’t exactly game breaking.

It seems like backline is thematically mostly support, but they have some good DPS options, while frontline is mostly tanks, but they have some good support and DPS options. Midline, on the other hand, is almost entirely DPS characters, with some disruptors that I guess you could slot into the support category if you squinted a bit. It seems like something that could open up a few more builds if built out.

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I think midline is alright with dps/support than only a support. True their are support on frontline but they are tankier and most usually have shotgun so dps was never an issue with them. But having support only at midline affects game dynamics.

Midline is still a grey-area in game. If I have to pick a team, I would choose more of backline or frontline because they are more dependable on getting job done.

What I could more suggest that midline to have better plat skill. Support can have better active skills which can be utilised throughout but if midline have better passives, they will be useful. For example Fischer’s Wetwork, or Kuno’s plat only upgrades their one skill. I would rather prefer them to have a attack speed/movement speed/or even ammo clip increase - which can be new addition to game which I think we all would love.

PS: I don’t think we all want another Wesson.

Ah, I forgot that Wesson was a midline support guy. Yeah…he’s not very good in most of the builds I’ve seen him in. I was hoping more for like a slightly tankier Keel, or something like that.

How do you define “support characters”?
To me, Wesson doesn’t bring much support.

I guess I’d define it as healing, shielding, health boost, or other positive buffs. Wesson’s UAF buff and his mark kind of give him a quasi supportish role, I think, although I agree that’s not something he brings in spades.

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I totally forgot about his platinum skill. To me, he’s a mediocre DPS dude with a mediocre AoE attack.

Yeah, I forgot about that, too. TBH, Wesson barely registers on my consciousness. He’s just a really bland character that I don’t know how to use.

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